Audra “Ms. Blu”Berger

is an alumnus of the Old School of R&B, Blues, Rock, Soul and Jazz. Her education in that School of Music and Life began at the age of 12 in one-door dives in Peoria, Illinois. Passing through Peoria twice a year on the “chitlin' circuit” were stars like Etta James, Jackie Wilson, Bobby (Blue) Bland, Tina and Ike Turner, and

James Brown and the Famous Flames.
These soul-stirring entertainers were the teachers who prepared Ms. Blu for her adolescent “rite of passage,” that she calls her “Bat Mitzvah.” She was a child prodigy

with raw and untamed talent that was also cultivated

by the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s.

She lead the freedom songs in the
local marches, which took her to the great March on
Washington in 1963 at thirteen.
At the age of 18, Ms. Blu opened up for

Marvin Gaye at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago,

and she wrote a song that Donny
Hathaway helped her record at Chess Studio.
Today Ms. Blu is doing her “post-doctoral work” in the Old
School and she never intends to graduate. She tells her
stories about her Life and Music as a seasoned, soulful
Sage and calls each performance the Blusical™ City.
Today her music is a fine cocktail of not only her early
teachers but also the great jazz singers and musicians she
has come to know and love.